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Who Is @kirstinestewart?

Learn about Kirstine Stewart from her tweets

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You can learn a lot about someone from their tweets. Kirstine Stewart, the managing director of Twitter Canada, followed the Sochi Olympics and the Super Bowl earlier this year. Judging by the number of times she retweets – and is retweeted by others – she interacts a lot with her followers. And she doesn’t take a break on the weekends – Sunday is her biggest day for tweeting.

Tweeting Stats

Joined Twitter on January 24, 2011 as user #242,359,437, first tweeted on March 29, 2011

Ranked 113th in Canada in number of Twitter followers, as of March 18, 2014

Total number of tweets so far in 2014: 3,197;
Tweets per day: 42.1

Portion of Stewart’s tweets that are retweeted by others: 28%; Portion that are “favourited” by others: 36%

Average number of times one of Stewart’s
tweets is retweeted: 13.9

Most-used hashtags in 2014: #wearewinter;
#sochi2014; #sochi; #teamCanada; #sb48

Twitter users Stewart has retweeted the most this year: @TwitterCanada; @CDNOlympicteam; @sladurantaye; @Zaib_Shaikh; @CBCOlympics

Favourite day to tweet: Sunday. Least favourite: Tuesday


Platform most tweeted from: Twitter for iPhone



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