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Summer 2010

Urban Living

Architecture grads imagine new forms of city housing

Illustrations by Lingchen Liu and Chenglong Wang These unusual looking buildings don’t exist – yet. They are designs by U of T architecture grads Lingchen Liu and Chenglong Wang that were published recently in a special university edition of Mas Context, an international journal about urban issues.

Aware that millions of people migrate to cities each year, Liu and Wang grew interested in new kinds of housing that could fill in a city’s “leftover” sites. Their designs would increase a city’s density without requiring new sites for traditional “block” buildings.

The design on the left imagines apartments forming a canopy over a public space. The one on the right proposes to clad an existing office building with a new “layer” of housing that climbs like ivy up the building’s exterior. “A great diversity of unit sizes and configurations is an interesting result of this innovation,” says Liu, who, along with Wang, graduated from the Daniels Faculty in 2006. They both now work in China.

In its university edition, Mas Context included 50 design projects from students from around the world.

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