Autumn 2003 / Life on Campus
Grad Gives Plaudits to Professors

Grad expresses gratitude by giving to the Annual Fund

After graduating last June, Michael Bretholz (BA 2003 UC) contributed to U of T’s Annual Fund to show appreciation for his mentors at U of T. Earmarked for University College undergraduate scholarships, each of his several donations named a faculty or staff member, including biology professor Corey Goldman (BSc 1979, MSc 1983), University College principal Paul Perron and U of T president Robert Birgeneau (BSc 1963 St. Mike’s).

Even at a school as large as U of T, many professors take a special interest in their students’ success, says Bretholz. “I made a donation to the Annual Fund as a way of expressing my gratitude. I wanted to make some kind of a gesture that would let these people know they really made an impact on me by creating an intellectually stimulating and fulfilling university environment.”

After a summer working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa, Bretholz began a law degree at Yale University in New Haven, Conn.

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