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Poll: How Many Times a Week Do You Exercise?

Half of U of T students get less than the 150 minutes a week that’s recommended

Graphic by Alina Skyson.

Graphic by Alina Skyson.

When it comes to getting moving, U of T students are divided. Half get less exercise than the Public Health Agency of Canada recommends, which is 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every week – that’s five 30-minute or three 45-minute sessions. Second-year UTSC student Asiya Bashir blames studies: “I only work out once a week because of my schedule,” she admits.

Active students felt they received more than fitness from exercise. “It helps me relieve stress sometimes,” says Akela Marshall, a second-year student at the Rotman School. Most U of T athletic facilities, such as Hart House, the Goldring Centre and the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, offer free drop-in classes.

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Posted by Mary Zhang BSc2017 on October 5th, 2015 @ 9:48 pm

Great, another piece complaining about sedentary lifestyles without going to the root of the issue. Not everyone knows HOW to exercise, and not learning how to properly exercise will land a lot of people with injuries.

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