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The Power of Three

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research [1] brings together three of Canada’s leading centres for cardiac care and research. Each will take the lead in a particular area:

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A Boon for Heart Health [2]

The Hospital for Sick Children will harness the power of genomic science to decode the genetic foundations of cardiac disease, which will allow for heart disease to be better predicted before it occurs, and will support individualized therapies for children and adults, based on the unique genome of each patient.

The University Health Network, through the application of powerful databases, new biomarkers for cardiac disease, regenerative and individualized medicine approaches and state-of-the-art, real-time home monitoring and telecommunications technologies, will focus on the translation of research discovery into the delivery of care for patients. Foundational to this approach is a customized cardiovascular data module for a new electronic patient record. This record is linked to a Biobank, which will house a vast array of biologic samples that come from both adult and pediatric patients.

The University of Toronto will focus on combining stem cell technology with novel approaches in cellular and tissue engineering for the regeneration of heart muscle, coronary vessels and heart valves. This cuttingedge science, which is crucial to restoring damaged hearts, will be led out of U of T’s Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, and is one of the many fields in which U of T is recognized as a world leader.