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Albert Tan uses the Brenizer method to get a new photographic effect on a familiar subject

Despite what it may appear to be, this is not a single photograph of a car. Alumnus Albert Tan (BSc 2011 Vic) actually shot 109 pictures of his sister-in-law’s BMW and stitched them together to create a final image with a resolution of 94 megapixels. “I just wanted to try something different for once,” says Tan. “I had never photographed vehicles before and had to make do with no lighting equipment and a rather boring location, so I had to exercise creativity in the shooting method instead.” This method of stitching many long focal-length shots together to produce a much larger image with a wide angle of view and a thin depth of field is known as the Brenizer method, says Tan. “The resulting effect is one that could never be captured with a single shot – at least not on any camera being manufactured today.”

Tan is no stranger to artistic pursuits. He plays the guitar, drums and ukulele, and he sings. He has also moonlighted as a professional graphic designer and designs T-shirts for deviantART’s clothing line. Tan originally wanted to attend design school after high school, but he ended up studying biochemistry and human biology. He credits his parents, and his own trepidation for the switch to sciences. He will be attending dental school next year and hopes to become an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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Posted by Greta BSc.%202010 on January 24th, 2012 @ 11:19 am

Great job, Albert!

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