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Cloud Nine

A kiss, an iconic sculpture, a moment captured

Black and white photo of a crowd in front of Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture (the Bean), including families and a wedding couple kissing on the steps

Click to view larger. Photo: Nigel Tan, 2014.

While taking in the flurry of activities surrounding Chicago’s iconic sculpture Cloud Gate (a.k.a. the Bean), Nigel Tan (MD 2011) became drawn to a couple posing for wedding photos. When he tried to capture the scene, he found it impossible to separate the pair from the rest of the crowd.

Tan used a wide-angle lens, and processed the image in black and white to allow the eye to more easily transition between foreground and background, and to bring out the reflection from the Bean.

For Tan, photography offers different rewards, from the thoughtful introspection of composing a great shot, to the social benefits of sharing photos. “Most importantly, the camera gives me an excuse to go to new places and try new things,” he says.

Check out more breathtaking photos on Tan’s photography website.

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