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Not in love with life? Dr. Nigil Haroon prescribes bird watching.

Brown Pelican on a dock by the ocean in Cancun

Photo: Nigil Haroon, February 2011

Dr. Nigil Haroon, a professor of medicine and rheumatology at U of T, has been honing his photography skills for more than 20 years. While he enjoys taking all kinds of pictures, he prefers bird photography, which, he says, has taken him to exotic locales and opened his eyes to a new world. Says Haroon: “If you are not in love with life yet, do some bird watching.”

Haroon attributes this photo of a pelican poised on a dock in Cancun, Mexico, to a lucky break. After spotting the distinctive bird just as he was about to catch a bus, Haroon grabbed his camera and long lens, persuaded the driver to wait five minutes, and then stepped on the dock to get the desired angle. “As luck would have it, the bird turned his head to look at me right when the light was just perfect,” he says.

His advice: Never travel without your camera.

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