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Bowie Tribute

Bodi Bold creates an homage to Aladdin Sane

Photo by Bodi Bold

Third-year student Bodi Bold was visiting her native Iceland last winter when she took this photo. The subject is her friend, Aslaug Gudjonsdottir, with whom Bold shares a passion for all things David Bowie. “You might say that this photo marks a certain peak of our admiration of him, especially the manic Ziggy Stardust persona,” Bold says.

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Bold used glossy, red Chanel lipstick to recreate the look Bowie used on his Aladdin Sane album cover. She and Gudjonsdottir finished the effect with eyeliner and white eyeshadow. “Funnily, as the make-up was done in a mirror, at the end we realized we had to flip the photo for the lightning bolt to be on the correct side,” says Bold, who used Photoshop to correct the error.

Currently the photo editor for the Newspaper, Bold cites photojournalism, psychiatry, or psychology as possible career paths. There may be a pit-stop along the way, though: “Post-undergrad I fantasize about taking up photography as a full-time student, learning darkroom and further digital techniques at art school.”

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