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Bright Lines

This colourful forest stirs with the slightest breeze

Photo of orange, red and yellow field tape in vertical lines from the centre to the edge of the photo

Photo: Janina Rosonke.

“I love abstract photography, focusing on shapes and colours, so this was the perfect subject,” says Janina Rosonke, who is a staff member at U of T’s School of Graduate Studies. Rosonke took the photo from underneath “Warp,” an art installation by Gareth Lichty. The installation, in which field tape hanging from the top of a tower moved with the passage of people, was displayed in one of the silos at Ontario Place during the 2016 In/Future Festival.

Rosonke was struck by the contrast between the brightly coloured tape and the darkness of the surrounding space, and got close to the floor to catch more of the vertical lines. A hobbyist photographer, she is especially interested in travel photography: “It’s something my dad got me into when I was a teenager, and he first showed me how to use an SLR camera.”

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