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Cat Scratch

Alexandra Auger photographs her grandfather, his kitten, and a scratch reflex

Photo by Alexandra Auger

Alexandra Auger became interested in photography because she wanted to document life’s moments, “remarkable or not.” This photo was taken in Montreal on Christmas Day 2009 when Auger’s grandfather reached out to give his kitten a scratch. Auger used a Nikon FM-10 camera with 400 speed film. “It’s a lesser substitute for my mother’s beautiful Nikon FG that became water damaged while I was on exchange in France – she doesn’t like to be reminded of that,” laughs Auger.

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Alexandra Auger is a second-year English and literary studies student who aspires to become a writer. “I do a lot of reading, less writing than I should, and – depending on the season – too much or too little sleeping,” she says. Her blog features photography, literature, and her own musings.

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