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Cat’s Eye

U of T student Amr El Maghrabi takes advantage of a still moment involving unsuspecting pigeons

Close up side shot of Alaska's face.

Photo: Amr El Maghrabi, 2013.

U of T dentistry student Amr El-Maghrabi is no amateur when it comes to taking amazing photos. He has worked as a photographer for the Vancouver Aquarium, taught photography at an assisted living facility and participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions. He won third place in the 10th International Jordan Photography Festival for this photo.

Maghrabi enjoys the challenge of photographing animals. “I usually try to make the viewer look at my object … through my eyes, from a different angle and perspective,” he says. Under natural morning light, he snapped the above photo of his cat, Alaska, staring intently out the window at unsuspecting pigeons. Taken before he moved to Toronto, the picture is a reminder of home in Egypt, where Alaska still resides with El-Maghrabi’s parents.

Check out Maghrabi’s other photos on his Facebook page and his 500px page.

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