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The Caledon Badlands

Aspiring photographer Mark Shannon was out driving when this landscape caught his eye

Mark Shannon (BA 2010 UTM) was out driving one day last summer and stopped not far from Caledon Village to take in this view of the Cheltenham Badlands. The area gets its distinctive look from the Queenston shale that’s been moulded over time into rounded hills and gullies. Circulating groundwater has caused the red iron oxide in the shale to change colour, creating narrow light greenish bands.

Shannon studied visual culture and communications at U of T Mississauga and now works at Henry’s, a camera store in downtown Toronto. To create this image he took 18 shots of the scene, each at three different exposures (a technique known as high dynamic range). Shannon, an aspiring professional photographer, then combined all 54 images to create the single photograph shown above.

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