Photo of the Month
A Happy Accident

Dan Epstein gets lucky working with film

Photo by Dan Epstein

This photo was taken in the fall of 2009, in the University College courtyard. Dan Epstein (BA 2009 Woodsworth), formerly a photo editor at The Varsity, had just purchased a Mamiyaflex TLR and was learning to use it. “I still didn’t know at this point that the camera had a winding problem, so the combination of these two shots was totally unintentional,” he says. The camera’s automatic winding stops too early, resulting in many-layered images.

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Epstein — who studied art history, semiotics and literary studies at U of T — is currently doing freelance work shooting concerts, sporting events and theatre shows. “I’m hoping to do a graduate degree in media studies soon, and focus more on large-scale multimedia projects,” he says.

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