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Doves Cry

Jay Han shows how art can transcend the limitations of language

Jay Han (BBA 2007 UTSC), an alumnus from the University of Toronto Scarborough, was in Manhattan, NY near Brooklyn Bridge Park when he captured this stunning image on camera. “It was a pure coincidence that the doves were flying away as the couple started to embrace,” he says.

The photograph — titled “Doves Cry” — marks the final chapter of Han’s Love is Like… theme. “To me, doves flying away signifies letting go of fond memories… memories of loving someone, or being loved by someone,” he says. Intrigued by natural light, colour, contrast, pattern and composition, Han rarely ever edits his photographs – this artistic creation, like much of his work, is nothing more than a series of beautiful moments manifesting in a singular image.

As a self-proclaimed “lousy painter,” Han began to express his artistry through the lens of a camera by infusing his own understanding of the human experience into visual concepts. “I find that expressing feelings through photography allows one to embark on the path to healing,” says Han. “Images can transcend the limitations of language and explore the human condition in a way that words cannot.”

View more of Jay’s photography here.

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Posted by Tom Snell BBA%202009 on June 12th, 2012 @ 11:02 pm

Amazing work, Jay! Always great to see fellow alumni in the spotlight.

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