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Warren Davis experiments with photo editing software

Photo by Warren Davis

This colourful image is actually a combination of several photos taken at a farm in Owen Sound, Ontario, this past June by Warren Davis (BSc 1969 UTSC). “The owner collected rusty old cars and antique fuel pumps as well as other automotive memorabilia,” he says.

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Davis bracketed three photos to create an HDR image of the fuel pumps, and then used Photoshop to carefully insert another photo he had taken earlier that day. “The bull was added to create an element of surprise and interest which was missing in the vividly coloured image of the fuel pumps.”

Now a retired businessman, Davis picked up photography as a teenager, shooting with film and then processing prints in darkrooms. Lately, he has switched to digital, and is enjoying trying out new post-processing techniques. “Digital photography opens new opportunities for experimentation and education,” he says.

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