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Eyeing the Prize

Michael Tan believes that Torontohenge makes even the most mundane objects seem magical – and uses gummy bears to prove it

Michael Tan (PhD 2012 OISE) stumbled upon this photo opportunity at about 7 p.m. during “Torontohenge,” a twice-a-year phenomenon when the sunset azimuth is directly in line with the east-west grid lines of the city. Tan was a few metres away from his apartment on Charles Street when he noticed a few pigeons competing for a generous serving of gummy bears slathered across the sidewalk.

The mouth-watering sweets and “amorous blob of pigeon” appear to be the main points of interest, but Tan admits that he was mostly captivated by the breathtaking ambient lighting. “During Torontohenge, it didn’t matter if the sun hit the dull concrete floor – everything seemed to have a magical quality.” Tan had his camera pointed towards the sunset when he captured this image. “The colours emanating from the illuminated gummy bears were especially vivid.”

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