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Fenghuang Fog

Edward Tse relies on coincidence and a pinch of good luck to create stunning photographs

Third-year Woodsworth College student Edward Tse was in Fenghuang Ancient City of Hunan Province when he captured this breathtaking image of the Chinese landscape — all by pure chance.

Since nothing in the image was staged, Tse simply stood still in one spot until the optimal shooting angle presented itself. “I did not anticipate the fog,” he says, “but the funny thing is, I wouldn’t even have this shot if my mother didn’t force me out of bed in the morning.”

The positioning of the boat — which is set against the backdrop of an ethereal landscape — creates a surreal ambiance that is characteristic of the city itself. “Everything about Fenghuang is dream-like,” says Tse.

What most viewers wouldn’t realize is that the boat’s main function is to remove garbage floating in the river. “I’m very observant, so I always keep an eye out for ‘accidental’ moments,” he says. “Coincidences can inspire stories beyond the reality presented within the image.”

Check out Ed’s Flickr photostream for more of his photography.

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