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Fire and Ice

U of T photographer Laura Pedersen takes in a sunset view of Toronto’s Beach in the heart of winter

Sunset view of Lake Ontario taken from The Beaches with ice shards in the foreground and the Toronto skyline in the background

Photo: Laura Pedersen. (Click on image to view large version.)

For Alberta-born Laura Pedersen, who spent many childhood summers in the Canadian Rockies, Toronto’s hustle and bustle took some getting used to. Moving to the city’s Beach neighbourhood helped. “I wanted to feel like I was still surrounded by nature, and nothing was as powerful to me as Lake Ontario,” she says. The great lake became one of her favourite photo subjects, especially during the coldest months when conditions sometimes caused frozen lake water to break into beautiful formations.

During a frigid day in January, her breath stolen by a magnificent sunset, Pedersen lay on potentially precarious ice shards, glittering in the dying light, and snapped the above photo. “There’s a feeling I get when I’m able to capture a beautiful moment that can’t be replicated in any other experience,” says Pedersen, a staff photographer at U of T engineering. “I feel it in my stomach, my heart, my mind.” Check out her Instagram for more stunning moments.

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