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Flight III

Liat Aharoni’s creative vision is fantastical and eerily beautiful

This September, Liat Aharoni will be entering her fifth year at Innis College, where she specializes in political science. Although her future is still undetermined at this point, Aharoni is certain that it must incorporate both her passion for artistic articulation and her love for business. Aharoni’s fascination with the concept of mixing and bringing together two individual concepts dictates the way that she thinks and lives — her photography is no exception.

Aharoni’s creative vision can be described as a space where the eerie and the beautiful are intertwined. “Flight III” is the last image in her levitation series, but it is characteristic of her overarching style, which often bears elements of magic and a surreal aesthetic. “I like heightening moments in time by making my photos something more than reality,” says Aharoni.

The usage of vibrant colours in the natural scenery, coupled with the hint of a smile from the woman, help create illusory feelings of serenity and peace. The woman’s identity is unknown, but there is an aura of familiarity around her — we’ve seen her before.

“In an age where photography is becoming increasingly accessible, I feel that many people, including myself, become desensitized,” she says. “Photos are everywhere and every image begins to look the same.”

One defining stylistic feature of Aharoni’s photography is the transformation of the familiar into the strange. To add an element of subtle distortion to the image, she decided to erase the most human element from the woman’s face — the eyes. With this vital human component stripped from the woman’s visage, the welcoming smile becomes sinister, the calm skies appear ominous and even the trees seem to exhibit disturbing movement.

“For me, the theoretical concept of death is manifested in these subtle elements of ugliness — even in an image that exhales life,” she says. The final piece magnificently depicts the intermingling of life and death, beauty and the grotesque, and reality and fantasy.

View two more samples of her photography below. Visit her Flickr page for more photos.

Photo by Liat Aharoni

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