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Freshly Fallen

Pharmacy student Benson Kua finds an upside to cold weather

Photo by Benson Kua

By mid-February of 2009, Benson Kua (BSc 2007 UC) had had his fill of snow and was anxious for spring. The white stuff had finally all melted away, but soon after, as Kua was walking through C.D. Farquharson Park in Scarborough, he felt some icy flakes on his skin. It was snowing again.

It was in the park that Kua spotted the perfect snowy scene. He hurried home to get his camera equipment, and returned to capture the stark whiteness of the snow against the black tree branches and bench.

Kua enjoys landscape photography because the scenes are unpredictable and ever-changing. Photos of the same place can look very different, depending on the conditions, says Kua. “When all the conditions are right and I’m there with my camera to capture that moment in time, I get a sense of satisfaction from capturing that scene,” he says.

Now pursuing his second degree at the Leslie L. Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, Kua hopes to graduate this June.

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