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Girl in Mosque

A beautiful accident: U of T alumna Busra Yildirim captures her niece in silhouette

Photo of a little girl in silhouette standing in a beam of sunlight from a window inside a mosque

Photo: Busra Yildirim, Summer 2017

On the last day of their visit to Giresun, a Turkish city near the Black Sea, U of T architecture alumna Busra Yildirim and her family came across a beautiful, and surprisingly empty, mosque. “The moment I saw the light pierce through its windows and leak into the mosque’s interior, I knew I had to capture it,” says Yildirim.

Just as she was about to snap the photo, her young niece jumped into the shot: “That part wasn’t planned, but it worked great!” She increased the shadows in post-production, turning her niece into a complete silhouette to highlight the natural beauty of the setting.

Yildirim aspires to convey the diversity and nuances of human emotions in her photography. “It’s not about what’s around you. I believe it’s what your eyes choose to see,” she says.

Check out more photos on her Instagram.

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