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Graffiti House

Anthropology student Arnold Lan finds beauty in the broken-down

Young man taking a photo while crouching down in an abandoned house with graffiti on every surface

Photo: Arnold Lan, August 2015

Arnold Lan, an anthropology student at U of T, enjoys using photography to connect with his subjects, especially human ones. He is fascinated with people’s stories and natural expressions, yet he often finds potential subjects freezing before his camera, which is perhaps part of the appeal. He says, “As someone warms up to my camera, I find them warming up to me, and right there is when I know a connection is made.”

Many of his landscape photos include human figures. Upon discovering an abandoned house while hiking in Los Angeles, he sought to capture the beauty in the ruins. He felt that working his friend into the photo provided an interesting contrast to the wreckage.

Dividing his time between his photography and videography, Lan dreams of becoming a travelling, fashion/lifestyle and, for his friends, engagement photographer all rolled into one.

View more pictures on Lan’s Instagram, @arnoldlan, and at

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