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Sweet Intoxication

Second-year student Gulzab Nawaz slows down time with her camera

Photo by Gulzab Nawaz

Second-year student Gulzab Nawaz says she doesn’t recommend or endorse smoking of any kind. However, the budding photographer was intrigued by the scene above.

While attending a James Bond theme party last spring, Nawaz caught a friend taking a drag from a hookah. “She inhaled and quickly exhaled and I snapped. It was incredibly spontaneous,” she says.

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Nawaz immigrated to Canada from Pakistan at the age of 10. “I didn’t know a word of English, thoroughly hated school and had trouble making friends. And so, as a means of escape, I turned to art,” says Nawaz. She began experimenting with sketching, and then moved on to paints, charcoal, and eventually, photography. She is currently studying ethics, society, and law at Trinity College, and doesn’t plan to pursue photography as a career. “The magic would be taken away from the act, I would think.”

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