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Blue Night Bridge

Photo by Remi  Carreiro [1]

Rémi Carreiro, an arts and science student at University College, became interested in the field of photography three years ago. He had been following the work of several Toronto photographers and felt inspired to contribute to the art world. “I wanted to show people how I saw things with my photography,” he says. Now entering his second year of studies, Carreiro has travelled as far away as Norway and Portugal in pursuit of the perfect shot.

In October of 2008, he had recently acquired an ultra wide angle lens and decided to take several shots of the Humber River Pedestrian Bridge while on a walk along the beach in Toronto. Carreiro used some software magic to adjust the lighting, and Photoshop for some very minor tuning. “I never really go overboard with Photoshop,” he stresses. The result looks similar to high dynamic range images but still retains a realistic quality.

Although the 19 year-old is currently interested in architectural studies, Carreiro is unsure which career he will ultimately pursue. “I’m aiming for something big of course; who wouldn’t? If architecture isn’t my passion, I know I’ll find something in the world of design.”

Visit Rémi Carreiro’s Flickr page [2]