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Balancing Act

Someone spent a lot of time making these “men of stone” near Toronto’s Humber River Bay

Photo by Lip Liew

Third-year forest conservation student Lip Liew was biking along the Humber River Bay last May when he came across this parade of stony men. “Great pictures always come at the moment you least expect,” says Liew. He doesn’t know who took the time to create this miniature Stonehenge, but thought it was worth documenting.

Liew enjoys nature photography and recently traveled to Joker’s Hill Scientific Reserve to take photos for a field course. Practicing photography as a hobby comes in handy for school, says Liew, who often has to take pictures of plants. After graduation he hopes to become an ecologist, evolutionary biologist or forester.

Although Liew is a self-proclaimed “tree-hugger” and “evolution-nerd” there is one of mother nature’s creations he isn’t as fond of. “I am trying to get over my frog-phobia,” he says.

Visit Lip’s Flickr page

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