Photo of the Month
The Pilgrimage

Kathy Lawton takes in the sights at Namtso Lake, Tibet

Photo by Kathy Lawton

Kathy Lawton, a former staff member at the Rotman School, took this photo at Namtso Lake in Tibet, a holy Buddhist site where pilgrims come to walk a circuit and hang prayer flags on sacred rocks. The young Tibetan in the picture was charging tourists for photos with his yak, but Lawton caught him changing locations along the shore. At the time of her visit in 2006, Lawton was on her second round-the-world trip—a journey that lasted 16 months.

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Although she considers herself a hobbyist, Lawton used to be an active member of the Rotman Photography Association. She favours travel photography, and says she isn’t bothered by not appearing in her photos. “I’m an extreme extrovert,” she says, “but I like being behind the camera lens.”

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