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Toddlers at play catch U of T grad Prachy Mohan’s photographic eye

Photo of two young children playing, crouched down on wet pavement.

Photo: Prachy Mohan.

To U of T engineering grad Prachy Mohan, who was visiting Chicago for the first time, the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, with its attendant smorgasbord of people having fun, was “a photographer’s dream.” The toddlers in the above photo – taken with their parents’ permission – immediately caught her eye: “They were so happy and colourful compared to everyone around.”

Capturing the uninhibited joy of tiny tots at play required a deft hand, but Mohan was ready for the challenge and timed the shot well. She edited the photo to bring out the colours of the hairclips worn by the child in the foreground. “They represented her cheerful, carefree personality to me,” she says.

If you love street photography as much as Mohan does, check out her Instagram.

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