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Look Down

Erica Sum finds beauty on the street

Photo by Erica Sum

Erica Sum (BA 2007 Innis) was on a tour of Washington, D.C. in 2010 when she snapped this photo of a street in Georgetown. She says she is fascinated with the vitality of “imperfect” images: the bleed of rust, the erosion of stone, and other interesting textures, shadows and colors. “I like capturing the durability and impermanence of things, or making ordinary things appear novel or strange,” say Sum.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Sum earned a master’s in information studies – and then took a position as a research officer in the Division of University Advancement. “It all feels a bit fated,” says Sum. “I started researching for U of T as a student for a psychology professor, and I’ve worked as a research and reference assistant at U of T ever since.”

The gift of a digital camera one Christmas spurred her interest in the art form, but Sum admits she’ll never be more than a hobbyist: “I’d probably take it more seriously, but I am a digital camera killer. Don’t lend me your digi-cam!” she warns.

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