Photo of the Month
Paint Party

Frosh week fun at U of T Mississauga

Students wearing paint-splattered T-shirts and shouting with arms raised

Photo: Nicole Raquinio.

Working as a photographer for the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union, UTM student Nicole Raquinio threw herself into the thick of paint-party action the first day of frosh week in 2015. “I count one nice backpack as a casualty,” Raquinio says, recalling the event. She enjoyed capturing the contrast of colours in the above photo, and the sense of fun: “All that was involved were paint and music, but the students were still hyped, and it showed in their expressions.”

Raquinio, who has been taking photos since she was 11, would like to go beyond documenting the everyday to creating more expressive work. She says, “I feel like the camera is an extension of myself, and definitely a part of my personality.” Check out more of Raquinio’s personality on her Instagram.

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