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Samir Tushar uses partial colours in black and white photography

“I rarely have the opportunity to take a photo of myself,” says Samir Tushar, who is often the designated cameraman during family and social gatherings. Tushar (BASc 2011) found it difficult to take a decent self-portrait without resorting to a mirror, which led him to the idea of capturing a different kind of reflection.

It was a sunny day in May 2010 at Humber Bay Park, so lighting conditions were optimal for Tushar’s intended vision. The photographer had his cousin pose for the image as he snapped a shot of himself from the subject’s perspective. After reducing the saturation to create a black and white photo, Tushar selectively restored the colourful elements within the eye itself to emphasize the difference between subject and object.

Tushar, a computer systems analyst at Scotiabank, developed a love for the camera during his third-year internship at the Scotia Plaza. “Being located on the 68th floor, there were so many breathtaking scenarios to photograph throughout the year,” says Tushar. “I was convinced that I needed to buy a DSLR, and ended up splurging on a Nikon D90 – I’ve been interested in photography ever since.”

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