Photo of the Month
The Chandelier

Joel Bedford’s special effects turn this image of a chandelier into a rocket

Joel Bedford snapped this image of a chandelier while on a tour of U of T as part of “Doors Open” in May 2007. At home, he had some fun with it, working in Photoshop to remove the chain it was hanging from, add layers of texture to the background walls, create the “fire” at the base, and insert other lighting effects. The original image was lit naturally from the light from one small window in the upper left of the image, which, says Bedford, explains “the minor inconsistencies in the highlights.” In total, he says the final image has about a dozen layers. The result convinced at least one visitor to Bedford’s Flickr page that the image depicted, as Bedford had jokingly stated, a new-fangled rocket-propelled chandelier. “Rocket propelled?” asked the visitor “How so? Is that fire shooting out of the bottom?”

Bedford says he’s inspired to make photos by the things that catch his eye – especially good light and interesting forms and colours. “I sometimes walk around with my camera for a day and snap nothing at all,” he says. “Other days, I’ll roll off 200 to 500. … I’m currently enjoying fashion, portrait and wedding photography.”

Joel Bedford owns a photography business in Ottawa. See more of his photos at his Flickr page.

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