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At the Fair

Daniel Kukla finds an unusually coloured horse

Photo by Daniel Kukla

Daniel Kukla (BSc Vic 2007) studied biology, botany and biological anthropology at U of T. After graduating, he travelled to New York City to train at the International Center of Photography. Now working as a professional photographer, he lives in Brooklyn and is an advocate for urban agriculture and green roofing. His work has been featured in the New York Times and National Geographic Online.

Kukla took this image at the Indiana state fair. “Who can resist tractor pulls, pig racing, deep fried delicacies, sheep shearing contests, and ‘the world’s largest boar’?” he asks. At the fair, he met a young woman preparing for the Western riding competition. The woman told him that the purple color on her horse is a special shampoo used to whiten the hair and mane.

Kukla is currently preparing for a trip to Borneo, where he’ll continue his work on a long-term project about invasive species and biodiversity. “My inner science nerd is always drawing me to the natural world and the interactions that humans have with it,” he says.

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