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A Walk in the Park

Foggy weather makes for a dramatic image by fourth-year student Ren Hui Yoong

Photo by Ren Hui Yoong

Ren Hui Yoong was headed to a meeting in February 2009, when she decided to cut through Queen’s Park. She thought the foggy weather could make for some interesting photos, so she had brought her camera with her.

Yoong waited in the cold for someone to pass by, and her patience was rewarded. “I managed to get my shoes completely wet in the process, and also ended up being late for the meeting I was supposed to be going to. I had to suffer for a few hours with really cold feet, but at least the people at the meeting understood – it was about an art exhibition,” says Yoong. This photo was taken using a single exposure, and was minimally edited.

Yoong, now a fourth-year student in history and political science at St. Michael’s College, arrived in Canada from Singapore two years ago. She says being a newcomer to the city influences the kind of pictures she takes. “What Canadians and Torontonians see as ‘normal’ is not ‘normal’ for me, and I want to take photos to document it.”

Yoong is currently pursuing a career in academia, but wants to continue photography as a hobby. “I like the combination of technology and art.”

Visit Ren Hui Yoong’s Flickr page.

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