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Puppy Love

Art history student Clare Somerville likes to take pictures of dogs and other beautiful creatures

Photo by Clare Somerville. Visit her Flickr page.
Clare Somerville, a fourth-year art history student and budding powerlifter, likes to take pictures of dogs and “beautiful men and women.” The dog shown above, is Guildenstern, an Ibizan hound that belongs to Somerville’s parents. She snapped these images at her parents’ house while dog-sitting, and composed them into a diptych. She says she likes to keep her photos “simple and clean,” and maintains a semi-professional practice (she offers photographic services through her website). She’s planning to get her own dog this fall.

Visit Clare’s Flickr page

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# 1
Posted by rich on August 2nd, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

Shes a very talented photographer, with an eye for detail.

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