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Princess of the Mountains

Sarah Angela Nacario uses photography to frame meaningful experiences

Photo by Sarah Angela Nacario

Sarah Angela Nacario was on a house building project in the Dominican Republic when she captured this image of a child’s princess dress lingering over the mountains of Ocoa. During her last day in La Cruz de Santana, clothing donations were distributed to the people of the community — the inspiration for the photo came from this moment.

“I wanted to capture the beauty of the mountains and the princess dress that symbolized hope for a child’s development and better future in the mountains of Ocoa,” says Nacario. Aside from using a little contrast to enhance the vividness of the photo, the original image remains untouched.

Now in her fifth year at St. Michael’s College, Nacario is studying sociology and global health with the hopes of working for an international development organization in the future. Since the inception of digital cameras, she took miscellaneous photos to use in web designs, and later expanded her work to the field of event photography.

After traveling to various places around the globe, Nacario concludes that her favourite portraits are the ones that can frame the most life-altering experiences. “I photograph memories and people from travels,” she says. “It helps me remember those who contributed to my life in a way that material goods cannot.”

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