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Purple Haze

Photo of University College taken at a low angle from the middle of Kings College Road [1]

Photo: Kate McGartland.

Braving cars and stares from passers-by, U of T alumna and former UTM staffer Kate McGartland lay in the middle of King’s College Road with her tripod for a unique, low-angle shot of University College. She used Lightroom to bring out the fading colours of a gorgeous sunset. Prompted by an upcoming move to Europe, she wanted to capture some of University of Toronto’s iconic images to display in her new home abroad.

“Photography is my way of turning life’s simple pleasures into lasting memories,” says McGartland. She credits her hobby for teaching her patience – she once waited an hour to get a shot of Boston’s Acorn Street empty of people. “Through my photography, I hope to inspire others to travel and to truly experience their surroundings.”

Would-be travellers can view more of McGartland’s beautiful photos on her Instagram [2].