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A Moment in Florida

Sarah Lee Walker discovers the joy of connecting with her environment through photography

Photo by Sarah Lee Walker

Sarah Lee Walker (2007 OISE) didn’t find photography — it “found her.” An elementary school teacher in Hamilton, Ontario, Walker’s picture-taking career didn’t get off to a promising start. Ironically, the only class she did not pass in high school was photography.

A gift from her mother rekindled her interest in the art form. “My Mom saved up, little by little, for a long time to give me this beautiful camera at a pretty pivotal point in my life,” she says. Walker traveled to Canada’s east coast and quickly discovered the joy of connecting with her environment through a camera. “It struck a chord in my soul.”

This picture was taken beside a parking lot in Naples, Florida in March of 2009. “I really fell for the contrast of colours and textures in this simple, but beautiful, little moment. I think texture has the ability to communicate the real spirit of an image,” Walker says.

As well as being passionate about photography and educating children, Walker is touched by the plight of children around the world. “When I launched my photographic ventures, I knew I wanted my work to be able to support something bigger,” she says. Walker intends to donate a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of her photographic prints to Save the Children Canada, in support of their work with children in Canada and around the world.

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