Photo of the Month
Sneaky Dee’s

A Toronto music and late-night-snacking institution

Photo by Philip Johnson
It was only when he heard the cars honking that Philip Johnson realized he had held up traffic at College and Bathurst Street. Engrossed with trying to photograph the sign at Sneaky Dee’s this September, safety temporarily took a back seat as he tried to get the best angle. “I thought it would be fun to capture the lit up signs in the night. It’s such a Toronto institution for music and food,” he says.

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In an age where everything is becoming automatic, Johnson prefers to go manual. “I build lasers and use optical devices for a living, so I enjoy the technical aspects of optics — photography is an extension of that.”

Originally from Newfoundland, Johnson describes himself as a physicist in the chemistry department studying biology. He hopes to continue working as a scientist in academia or industry once he completes his degree.

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