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Joel Wong-Hing substitutes journal entries with photographic storytelling

“The story behind the image is horribly cliché,” says Joel Wong-Hing, “but the photo brings back fond memories of that day, so I’m glad that I took it.”

It was a beautiful spring day in 2009 when Wong-Hing and his girlfriend decided to take a stroll down memory lane at his old elementary school. Like a scene out of a romance movie, they spent the day at the park picking dandelions and laying on the grass. “I like to take candid photographs,” says Wong-Hing, “and that’s why this photo is interesting — my girlfriend appears to be lying still, but she’s actually rolling down the hill.”

Rather than recording his daily happenings or innermost thoughts in a journal, Wong-Hing archives his everyday life through pictures. Looking through another person’s photo album allows him to “take a peek into their lives and memories” — Wong-Hing hopes to offer the same journey to someone viewing his own photographic documentary.

The second-year student from Woodsworth College intends to pursue a career in psychology, but he also desires growth as an artist. “This image was taken over three years ago when I was in the midst of finding my place as a photographer,” says Wong-Hing. “Today, I feel more confident in experimenting with the camera and taking more creative risks.”

You can find his recent works at

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