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Staring at the Sun

Crowds gathered at Nathan Phillips Square to observe the birth, life and death of the sun

Photo of two silhouettes in front of Director X's "Death of the Sun" exhibit

Photo: Eric Ho, 2016

At around 2 a.m. during this year’s Nuit Blanche, Eric Ho, a U of T computer science and statistics student, found himself standing in front of a gigantic orb in Nathan Phillips Square. The artwork, “Death of the Sun” by the artist Director X, depicted the sun’s progression from birth to death, and evoked for Ho a kind of sci-fi dreaminess.

Ho set up his tripod and camera and waited for a couple to stand in front. “Photography is a waiting game – you really have to have tons of patience,” he says. He was rewarded when a pair finally entered his frame.

The exhibit reminded Ho that everything ends, and to treasure every moment: “Just like photography, you are trying to capture that split second. If you miss it, it’s gone and gone forever.”

Check out more otherworldly shots of Nuit Blanche on Ho’s Instagram.

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