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Sunset Over the Black Sea

U of T doctoral student Ben Ouyang on what he considers his luckiest shot

Photo of a sun set, with the Black Sea and a passing ship on the right, and picnic tables, one occupied by three people, on the left

Kilyos, Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: Ben Ouyang.

The summer after completing his undergraduate studies in engineering science, U of T alumnus Ben Ouyang attended a biomedical engineering conference in Istanbul. One evening, he snapped what he considers his luckiest shot: “A minute later, the sun would have set below the picnic table. A minute earlier, the picnic bench would have been empty,” he says.

For Ouyang, who is currently working on his MD/PhD at U of T, the photograph captured the calm essence of that summer away — “a rare moment to enjoy a sunset with no stressors chasing me.”

To view more photos, visit his website and Instagram.

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