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Taking Flight

Boy launches jacket on the steps of Yeni Cami and pigeons fly [1]

Photo: Barbara Konecny, December 2012

Barbara Konecny was standing on the steps of the Yeni Cami mosque overlooking a crowded square in Istanbul when a boy ran up and threw his jacket to the wind, setting pigeons to flight.

Konecny says she likes capturing motion in her photographs, and loves the way photography can reflect both stillness and disruption. She says it teaches you to be mindful and aware of your surroundings. “I take photos because I don’t know a better means of communication,” she says. “The photo extends past the frame as a more active, inclusive form of communicating.”

Konecny (BA 2008 Trinity, MA 2011) traveled around Europe and Southeast Asia before settling in Berlin in 2014.

View Konecny’s Flickr photostream. [2]