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The Summit

U of T PhD student Tad Ferreira captures a striking image of hikers trekking across the top of Mont Blanc

Photo of two pairs of hikers walking along the summit of Aiguille du Midi.

Photo: Tad Ferreira, August 2014.

U of T doctoral student Tad Ferreira’s love for landscape photography has taken him to the summit of Mont Blanc’s Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps.  The statistics student, who is studying machine learning and artificial intelligence, used what he knew of the human mind’s preferences to create a strong image in the above photo. During development, he adjusted the white balance for a cooler tone, and used various composition techniques to draw the eye from the hikers at the top right to the cloudy “abyss” in the centre.

Ferreira says of photography: “I like how it acts on my brain. It’s a perfect mix of arts and science. I’d like to keep improving the way I see things.” Check out more of Ferreira’s photos on his Instagram.

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