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Through the Leaves

Can photographing someone’s art be considered an art? Chris Cachia thinks so.

Chris Cachia (BEd 2007 OISE) took this photograph last July, close to Keele and Dundas West. “This past summer I tried to photograph pieces of graffiti and street art in each of the downtown’s main spots for such work,” he says. Cachia is less concerned with trying to capture a documentary-style image, and prefers to offer a fresh perspective on others’ artwork. “I loved the piece’s colours, and the fact that it appears as though the character is peeking through the trees,” he says.

Cachia had to a do a bit of juggling to get the composition he wanted, holding his camera with one hand and pulling the branches down with the other. “It was a hot day and I was also carrying my camera case, a large backpack, and bottle of water. While taking this shot I spilled most of the contents of my backpack – and then proceeded to soak my belongings (including a new book) with my water. I ended-up thirsty and frustrated, but it seems it was worth it.”

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# 1
Posted by Jillian HBSC on February 21st, 2012 @ 7:50 pm

Amazing shot!! The colour and depth are so original.

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