Photo of the Month
Umbrella Girls

Alexandre Combessie documents his adventures through travel photography

Alexandre Combessie was on his motorbike in Vietnam when he passed by two locals walking with umbrellas. He highlighted the lush mountainous backdrop by contrasting the bright colours of the umbrellas with the green textures of the natural landscape. The image was taken in a split second as he drove by the two pedestrians. “There’s something about the mysterious mist, the steep mountains, and the friendly locals,” he says. “The picture invites you to discover the place.”

Combessie, a master’s student in the management of innovation, was taught photography at an early age by his father, a former professional photographer. For Combessie, taking pictures helps capture lasting memories of his travels – especially of the culture and communities. “I first got into photography on a road trip to California with my Nikon FM,” he says. “Since then, I’ve been hooked.”

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