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Claudio’s Quality Seafood in Sydney draws both human and feathered clientele

First-year student Benjamin Jakabek was touring Australia in August 2010 when he took this picture in front of the iconic Claudio’s Quality Seafood at the Sydney Fish Market. To the left of the frame, fishermen were cleaning their catch and throwing scraps on the ground, drawing flocks of birds. A comical image came to mind, so Jakabek positioned himself with his camera so that the pelican appears to be heading into the store. “You might not be able to tell in the shot, but those things are massive — three feet standing easily! When they open their mouths they could fit half a small child in there.”

Jakabek, 18, has taken thousands of pictures in more than a dozen countries. He considers himself a hobbyist, but has also sold several of his photos. “To date, my most prestigious feature was for the BBC, but I have done work for the Archive project, National Parks Australia, Tourism Mexico, Tourism Argentina and various others.” He is currently studying sociology, law and society, and ethics at U of T.

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