A Feast of Thought

These 20 thinkers brought their stunning intellect to U of T’s table and enlivened the world of ideas

75 Things You Didn’t Know about U of T

A peek at some characters, quirks and curiosities of our history

As Canadian as a Snowflake

Frank Darling’s Convocation Hall is as reassuring as a warm muffler

The Cast of Presidents

From dramatic to subtle, 14 men have given us their interpretation of the leading role at U of T

Curing Injustice

Brilliant and determined, three U of T trailblazers challenged the prejudices of their day and changed the profession of medicine

The Troubled Healer

In his tireless quest to conquer contagious diseases, John Gerald FitzGerald, architect of Canada’s modern public health system, sacrificed his own health – indeed, his life

Places of the Heart

Revisiting fond memories of U of T ultimately leads to these three corners of the campus

Two Big Birthdays

A look at how U of T’s colleges came to be

Good Chemistry

Henry Holmes Croft established the university’s first chemistry laboratory. It remains a place for another kind of alchemy – the mixing of ideas

The Age of Dissent

Socialists, peaceniks, feminists, rabble-rousers: They came in search of an education. They left having taught the old school a thing or two

Fairly Determined

Members of the so-called gentler sex were banned from attending classes until 1884. But once women set foot in the classroom, there was no stopping them

Solid Support

John Strachan received this epergne from his students

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