The Problem of Pain

A pioneering Toronto clinic takes a new approach to a baffling medical problem

$75-Million Campaign for Pain

Wasser Centre aims to become a world leader in patient-based pain management

“The Child of My Creation”

Bernhard Fernow guided the Faculty of Forestry from its founding a century ago through the tragic losses of the First World War

Leading the Green Revolution

Forestry scientists are at the forefront of environmental research

Going Back

Returning to university after 20 years can be scary and bewildering. But it can also be wonderfully enriching

Our Quiet Revolution

Changing U of T’s undergraduate student experience

Global Warning

Universities will help solve climate change

King of Infinite Space

Donald Coxeter, who taught geometry at U of T for more than 60 years, is the subject of a new book

A Meditative State of Mind

What are people really doing when they’re meditating?

One Latte with Dopamine Blocker, Please

Study could lead to new treatment options for people with addictions

One Person, Half a Vote?

Ontario, Alberta and B.C. being shortchanged in Parliament, study finds

Digital Nip/Tuck

Software simulates plastic surgery

The Memory Keeper

Mingjin Lu is finding connections between early Chinese and Western thought

Bottoms Up

A social history of booze

Roofs with a View

Photographer Jim Allen aims high

New School of Public Policy Launches

Aims to make mark nationally and internationally

Franklin Named Trudeau Mentor

Kidd gets lifetime achievement award

To Our Health

$10 million Bloomberg gift will transform nursing faculty

The Constant Donor

Guy Mills contributes to the National Scholarship program every year

Friends of the Library

Heggie bequest will support the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Building a Better Heart

Milligan gift will fund graduate fellowships in biomedical engineering

Dinner with Friends

Restaurant owner Roberto Martella believes in building community by breaking bread together

Poet’s Progress

John Steffler’s amazing literary journey

Rhodes Scholar an Anti-Violence Advocate

Kofi Hope founded the Black Youth Coalition Against Violence

Stand and Deliver

Trinity lectern is a “curiosity”

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