A Doctor in Kigali

Dr. James Orbinski served as head mission for Doctors Without Borders during the Rwandan Genocide. What he saw there transformed him

Unbroken Dreams

After years of incremental progress, spinal cord repair is edging closer to reality

Smoke and Mirrors

So far, Canada has taken no real action on climate change. It’s time to get serious about Kyoto

Is Global Warming Immoral?

Religious groups are seeking to influence the debate over climate change

Be the Change

Hopeful news on a few fronts

The Topography of Innovation

Are Canadians ready to compete in the new knowledge economy?

Meditate Your Troubles Away

Mindfulness alters brain activity and improves mood, researchers find

Toxins Could Reduce Fertility in Offspring

Pollutants found in cigarette smoke, fumes from wood stoves, can reduce fertility in female offspring

Rock Star

Chemist André Arsenault finds an intriguing use for artificial opals

A Fad Worth Revisiting

Salba may reduce the risk of heart disease in people with Type 2 diabetes

The Lives of Otters

High levels of mercury and lead in fish may not be good for them – or us

Magic Touch

A computer you can really grab on to

Awarding Outstanding Native Students

Faculty named to the Order of Canada and Order of Ontario

The Sustainable Chef

Jaco Lokker brings local flavour to student menus


The Hart House Chess Club makes some strategic moves at the Pan American tournament

Master of the Miniature

Postdoctoral fellow Naomi Matsuura wins the 2007 Polanyi Prize

Rotman Roars Ahead

Key donors provide $28 million for programs and expansion

Stage Presence

Janet Bessey’s gift will help preserve Hart House Theatre’s role on campus

A Scientist’s Legacy

Toronto group creates scholarship in honour of Marie Curie Sklodowska

Scholarship Will Support New Canadians

Thillart Family Scholarship in Management recognizes the challenges new immigrants face

The View from Tel Aviv

Gregory Levey traces his journey from U of T student to speechwriter for Ariel Sharon

Student Leadership from Sudan to the Cosmos

Gordon Cressy Leadership Awards honour student volunteers

In Pursuit of Human Dignity

European Parliament honours author Marina Nemat with social justice award

Rhodes to Success

U of T Scarborough grad Wojciech Gryc is named a 2008 Rhodes Scholar

Bridge Over Time

U of T Mississauga landmark is popular among newlyweds

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